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E& UAE sets new 5G record: 30.5 Gbps speed on live network

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In Short:

UAE operator E& UAE achieves the world’s fastest recorded speed of 30.5 Gbps on its live 5G network during a demo at Samena Leaders’ Summit 2024. This milestone showcases the successful aggregation of carriers across high-band and mid-band spectrums, ensuring seamless connectivity for digital services. E& UAE aims to integrate state-of-the-art technologies like AI for personalized experiences and prepare for the 6G era by 2030.

E& UAE Claims New 5G Record With 30.5 Gbps on Live Network
UAE operator E& UAE has achieved a significant milestone by claiming the world’s fastest recorded speed of 30.5 Gbps on its live 5G network. This achievement was presented during a demonstration at the Samena Leaders’ Summit 2024. The operator demonstrated the successful aggregation of multiple carriers across high-band and mid-band spectrums, with network speeds peaking at 30.5 Gbps.

Seamless Connectivity

E& UAE emphasizes that these high speeds ensure seamless connectivity to cater to the growing demand for a wide range of digital services. The company’s vision for connectivity integration includes advanced technologies like network slicing, private 5G networks, RedCap, mobile VPN, and premium Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) leased lines.

Record-Breaking Speeds

E& UAE expressed their excitement about achieving the world’s fastest 5G network speed. They believe that this accomplishment will unlock the potential of 5G technology, enabling innovative services and applications that can bring significant changes to society and the economy.

Additionally, E& UAE mentioned their commitment to adopting the latest 5G solutions to provide customers with top-notch digital experiences today, while also preparing for the upcoming 6G era by 2030, in alignment with the UAE’s 6G Roadmap by TDRA.

AI Integration

E& UAE revealed that they are integrating AI technologies to deliver personalized experiences to their customers seamlessly. The company believes that AI will drive intelligent energy-saving and smart network planning initiatives, promoting environmental responsibility and technological excellence.

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