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Arvind Ltd’s Q4 revenue rises 10% year-on-year to ₹2,075 crore

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In Short:

Arvind Limited reported its Q4 FY24 financial results showing a 10% revenue growth to ₹2,075 crore. The EBITDA also increased by 27% to ₹243 crore, with the PAT increasing by 19% to ₹99 crore. The textile division revenue was ₹1,504 crore, and the Advanced Material division reported growth to ₹387 crore. The company will consolidate its AMD segment under a new entity and has planned a capex program funded from internal accruals.

Arvind Limited Shines in Q4 FY24

Exciting news from Arvind Limited! The company just released its financial results for the fourth quarter of FY24, and it’s looking fantastic.

Revenue Growth

Arvind Limited reported a whopping overall revenue of ₹2,075 crore for the quarter, showing a remarkable 10% growth compared to the same period last year. That’s some impressive progress!


The company’s EBITDA hit ₹243 crore, soaring by 27%, along with a healthy margin of 11.7%. But wait, there’s more! Arvind also achieved a record Profit After Tax (PAT) of ₹99 crore, showcasing a 19% growth over the previous year. Talk about milestones!

Divisional Breakdown

Breaking it down further, the textile division raked in ₹1,504 crore in revenue, with an EBITDA of ₹173 crore and an EBITDA margin of 11.5%. On the other hand, the Advanced Material division (AMD) reported a revenue of ₹387 crore, marking a solid 21% growth from the same period last year. Kudos to both divisions for their stellar contributions!

Exciting Changes Ahead

But that’s not all. Arvind Ltd is shaking things up by consolidating all business units currently under the AMD segment into a new legal entity named “Arvind Advanced Material Ltd” (AAML) effective from April 1, 2024. And there’s more good news on the horizon as the company gears up for a robust capex program over the next three years, with a budget ranging from ₹400-₹450 crore for FY25, all fueled by internal accruals. Now that’s some serious strategic planning!

Market Response

Despite all these achievements, Arvind Limited’s shares took a slight dip by 4.15% to ₹320.10 on the BSE. But hey, in the grand scheme of things, a little fluctuation is just part of the journey, right?

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