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Cisco launches cloud region ‘Meraki India’ to boost secure networking and data localisation

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In Short:

Cisco has launched the new ‘Meraki India’ cloud region to support India’s digitisation efforts and meet data localisation requirements. The region will offer comprehensive networking and IoT capabilities, with a focus on security and data storage needs. The launch comes in response to the rising demand for data privacy, with 97% of Indian organisations preferring data storage within their country. Cisco aims to drive digital transformation and provide secure, innovative solutions through Meraki.

Cisco Launches New ‘Meraki India’ Cloud Region to Meet Data Localisation Needs

US telecom gear maker Cisco has announced the launch of the new ‘Meraki India’ cloud region, hosted on a cloud service provider approved by the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY). This move is aimed at boosting India’s digitisation efforts and ensuring compliance with data localisation requirements.

Cisco Meraki, a cloud-managed IT platform with over 810,000 global customers, offers networking, secure networking, and IoT capabilities to provide centralized visibility and control for businesses. The launch of the Meraki India Region is a significant step towards enabling customers to securely connect and scale their operations with the simplicity and security features expected from Meraki.

Meeting Data Localisation Demands

The demand for data localisation and privacy is on the rise, with 97% of Indian organizations believing that data is safer when stored within the country or region. Cisco’s study also indicates that 94% of organizations trust global providers more than local ones to protect their data effectively.

Commitment to Digital Transformation

Cisco India & SAARC President Daisy Chittilapilly emphasized the importance of a comprehensive networking platform that offers agility, flexibility, and secure access for businesses in a cloud-first environment. The launch of the Meraki India Region aligns with India’s digital transformation journey, providing customers with resilient and secure cloud infrastructure to drive innovation and simplify network operations.

Cisco reaffirmed its commitment to driving digital transformation at scale in India, offering customers the choice to access secure cloud infrastructure, simplify network management, and address evolving customer needs effectively.

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