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Ciena India’s Amit Malik Shares Insights on Telecom Industry

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In Short:

Telecom networks need to adapt to evolving user needs and increasing data consumption, says Amit Malik from Ciena. The network should be scalable, secure, and self-configurable to meet demands. With AI, demands are higher, and networks will evolve to offer high speed and low latency. AI will transform digital infrastructure, offering new revenue streams for service providers. Ciena’s research facility in Gurgaon is crucial for development.

Telecom Networks Must Adapt to Evolving User Requirements, Says Ciena Executive

Telecom networks are facing increasing demands for data consumption and must be able to adjust adeptly, according to Amit Malik, Vice President and Sales Leader, Ciena India.

The Need for an Adaptive Network

Malik highlighted the importance of scalability, security, sustainability, self-optimization, and self-configuration in today’s networks, terming it as the adaptive network.

He emphasized that network requirements have been escalating, especially with the prevalence of AI, leading to the need for high speed, low latency, resilience, and constant availability.

Transformation in Digital Infrastructure Landscape

The digital infrastructure landscape is set for a significant transformation, driven by the synergies of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Cloud Computing.

Malik pointed out the growing importance of AI in organizations globally, with data explosion necessitating the development of AI data centers. This transformation will make the network the crucial element for data transportation.

New Revenue Streams for Service Providers

With the advent of 5G and network slicing, service providers will see new revenue streams emerging. Malik highlighted the potential use cases of AI in healthcare, citing the reduction of diagnostic errors as a significant benefit.

About Ciena

Ciena, a global leader in optical and routing systems, services, and automation software, operates a research and development facility in Gurgaon, the largest of its kind outside of North America.

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