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CEA releases guidelines to maintain raw material quality in cables and conductors

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In Short:

The Central Electricity Authority is urging power sector companies to follow quality control orders for materials like aluminium products used in manufacturing conductors and cables. The guidelines aim to improve product quality, support Indian manufacturing, and reduce power losses. Suppliers must provide quality test certificates, and inspections must be conducted at delivery sites. Compliance is necessary for participating in tenders.

The Central Electricity Authority Urges Power Sector Companies to Maintain Quality Standards

In an effort to enhance product quality in the power sector, the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has issued an advisory urging **power sector companies** to rigorously adhere to quality control orders and established standards for materials like aluminium ingots, wire rods, and wires, crucial for manufacturing conductors and cables.

Implementing Quality Control Measures

The CEA’s guidelines call for conductor and cable manufacturers to implement mandatory processes and quality checks. These standards apply to all tenders issued by transmission and distribution companies nationwide.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), along with the mines ministry and the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, had issued quality control orders (QCOs) for aluminium and aluminium alloy products.

Promoting ‘Made in India’ Products

“It is hereby advised that all the utilities should invoke the compliance of the aforesaid quality control orders in their tender specifications for the procurement of conductors/cables for electric power lines. Compliance to QCOs would be helpful in acquiring the quality conductors/cables and in the resultant reduction in the power losses in the lines,” the CEA said in its advisory.

The move aligns with the government’s aim to enhance product quality in the power sector, promote Indian manufacturing, encourage ‘Made in India’ products, and achieve self-reliance.

Ensuring Compliance

To ensure compliance, the CEA has mandated that **suppliers** of these raw materials provide quality test certificates before bidding for conductor and cable supply contracts.

Additionally, the CEA requires that sampling and inspection of conductors and cables be carried out at the delivery site specified in the contract. This process is to be conducted in addition to the existing inspections and testing at the manufacturer’s or supplier’s facilities.

Key Requirements for Bidders

Bidders must also submit a declaration from the manufacturer or supplier, verified by a statutory auditor or cost auditor, detailing the source of aluminium wires, rods, and ingots. This certification is a prerequisite for participating in tenders for electric power line conductors and cables.

Monitoring and Reporting Compliance

Furthermore, the advisory asked transmission and distribution licensees to establish standing committees to address grievances related to non-compliance or violations of these standards and QCOs. These entities are also required to submit quarterly compliance reports to the CEA, ensuring strict adherence to the guidelines and promoting high-quality standards within the industry.

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