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Capgemini aims to increase telco investments and enterprise revenue

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In Short:

Capgemini is helping telecom operators increase their revenue by offering B2B selling expertise in industries like automobile and manufacturing. The company’s specialist engineers work in labs to create 5G-driven solutions for telcos to offer enterprises. Capgemini’s telecom roadmap in India includes optimizing operations and investments for clients and preparing them to offer new solutions. The company has three 5G labs worldwide and is building a 6G research lab in India.

Capgemini Focuses on Optimizing Investments for Telecom Operators and Capturing Enterprise Revenue Opportunities

Capgemini, a French multinational IT and consulting firm, is working towards helping telecom operators optimize their investments and tap into revenue opportunities from enterprises. According to Sandeep Arora, VP and Industry Platform Leader, Telecom, India at Capgemini, the company is leveraging its expertise in business-to-business (B2B) selling to support telcos in key industry verticals like automobile and manufacturing.

Specialist Engineers Developing 5G-Driven Solutions in Labs

Arora highlighted that Capgemini’s specialist engineers are actively working in labs to create end-to-end fifth-generation (5G) solutions tailored for enterprise digital transformation. The focus is on orchestrating comprehensive solutions and testing them in lab environments to ensure successful market deployment and customer transformation.

Labs Dedicated to Innovation and Development

Capgemini operates three 5G labs in Paris, Mumbai, and San Francisco, along with a ‘Network Engineering Lab’ in Fundao, Portugal. These labs are instrumental in developing cutting-edge technology solutions for intelligent industries and smart cities.

Strategic Partnerships and Future Initiatives

In a recent development, Capgemini announced a strategic partnership with Bharti Airtel, India’s second-largest telco, to collaborate on 5G use cases for enterprises. Additionally, the company is setting up a 6G research lab in Gurugram, India, to explore advanced network architectures and frameworks using high-performance compute infrastructure and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Financial Performance and Industry Outlook

Capgemini’s consolidated revenues for Q1 2024 declined by 3.5% year-over-year, reflecting subdued technology demand in the North American market and financial services segment. Despite the challenges, the company remains committed to driving innovation and supporting its telco clients in navigating the evolving telecom landscape.

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