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MTN Rwanda Launches Eco-Friendly Paper SIM Cards

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In Short:

MTN Rwanda has introduced the country’s first biodegradable paper SIM cards, made from 100 percent FSC-certified materials to promote sustainable business practices and protect the environment. The telecom company aims to reduce global emissions by transitioning to eco-friendly solutions. As part of its Project Zero initiative, MTN Rwanda is also implementing hybrid electric vehicles and solar panels to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2040.

MTN Rwanda Introduces Paper-Based Biodegradable SIM Cards
MTN Rwanda has introduced the country’s first paper-based biodegradable SIM cards. These SIM cards are made from raw materials that are 100 percent Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, ensuring responsible sourcing from managed forests. This initiative by MTN Rwanda aligns with their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Environmental Commitment

MTN Rwanda acknowledges the telecom industry’s 2 percent contribution to global emissions, producing 4.5 billion plastic SIM cards in 2020 alone. To address this issue, MTN Rwanda is moving towards paper SIM cards and sustainable packaging in line with MTN Group’s Environmental Strategy.

Biodegradable Solutions

MTN’s paper SIM cards, also known as “bioSIMs”, will naturally biodegrade over time. MTN Rwanda expressed their enthusiasm for this eco-friendly innovation, stating, “The introduction of paper-based biodegradable SIMs in Rwanda is a significant step in our 25-year journey, reflecting our dedication to aligning with Rwanda’s climate change strategy.”

MTN Project Zero

Under MTN Project Zero launched in 2021, MTN Rwanda has already replaced 23 percent of its fleet with hybrid electric vehicles and implemented a solar panel pilot at three data centers. These efforts contribute to MTN Group’s goal of achieving zero net carbon emissions by 2040.

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