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Broadcom’s acquisition of VMWare sparks uncertainty and risk: Nutanix CEO

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In Short:

Nutanix’s CEO raised concerns about Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware and announced collaborations with Cisco and Dell Technologies. Nutanix aims to simplify hardware migrations for customers affected by the acquisition. They also announced a partnership with NVIDIA to help enterprises adopt generative AI more easily. The company is working on new functionalities and certifications to streamline customer migrations and reduce costs for running applications.

Broadcom Acquisition of VMWare Raises Concerns, Nutanix CEO Warns

The CEO of Nutanix, Rajiv Ramaswami, expressed concerns about the uncertainty and risk created by Broadcom’s acquisition of VMWare during the .NEXT conference in Barcelona.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Ramaswami highlighted the challenges faced by enterprises in navigating the new vendor reality post the Broadcom acquisition. Nutanix aims to assist clients in managing this transition.

As part of its announcements, Nutanix shared plans for certifying Cisco UCS blade servers to run the Nutanix AHV hypervisor, enabling the repurposing of existing servers. The company also revealed new AHV server capabilities to streamline customer migrations.

Streamlining Hardware Certification

Nutanix introduced a program to streamline hardware certification, allowing scaling of compute and storage separately within the same cluster. This initiative aims to reduce costs for applications licensed on a core-core basis.

Addressing Customer Migration Concerns

Nutanix is focused on assisting customers concerned about the future of VMWare post Broadcom’s acquisition by providing an easier migration path to Nutanix.

Collaboration with NVIDIA

Nutanix announced collaboration with NVIDIA to facilitate the adoption of generative AI. The integration of NVIDIA NIM inference microservices with Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0 will enable scalable, secure AI applications.

Expansion of Collaboration with Dell Technologies

Nutanix revealed an expanded collaboration with Dell Technologies to accelerate customers’ digital transformation journeys through integrated solutions combining Nutanix Cloud Platform and Dell servers.

The joint solutions from Dell and Nutanix are currently under development and will be available to customers in early access later this year.

(The reporter is at the .NEXT 2024 event in Barcelona at the invitation of Nutanix)

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