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Apple to showcase new iPads and potentially reveal a new chip

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In Short:

Apple is planning a virtual event to release new iPad models with a new chip for AI tasks. The tech giant is trailing behind competitors in AI integration. Education customers might be targeted, but Apple is shifting focus to professionals. AI features may include enhancing video calls. Apple is striving to catch up in AI technology through new chip releases and enhancing user experience.

Apple to Unveil New iPad Models with AI-Focused Chips

By Stephen Nellis

Apple is set to host a virtual event on Tuesday to showcase its latest iPad models, some of which are rumored to feature a new chip designed to accelerate artificial intelligence tasks on the devices.

Focus on AI Integration

This product launch comes as Apple lags behind its Big Tech competitors in integrating AI into its products and aims to establish a dominant position in this emerging technology.

Historically, Apple unveils new iPads in May, targeting education customers making purchasing decisions for the upcoming academic year. However, the focus has shifted towards iPad Pro models catering to creative and business professionals.

The iPad Pro models, currently equipped with Apple-designed chips from MacBook laptops, may receive an upgrade with a new processor optimized for AI tasks. Further details on the AI capabilities enabled by these new chips might be revealed at Apple’s upcoming software developer conference.

Industry Dynamics and Market Trends

While AI features like enhancing video call experiences and eye contact simulations are anticipated, analysts suggest that these may not drive a significant surge in upgrades.

Apple faces stiff competition from rivals like Microsoft and Google, known for their AI-driven innovations such as chatbots and virtual assistants.

Apple’s stock performance has been lackluster this year, reflecting weak iPhone demand and fierce competition, especially in China. Investors are eagerly waiting for Apple’s AI strategy to unfold.

Future Outlook and Strategic Moves

CEO Tim Cook expressed optimism about Apple’s potential in generative AI and hinted at upcoming announcements later this year.

Analysts speculate that the new iPad models could serve as a platform for introducing AI-driven features ahead of the developer conference, where Apple may elaborate on its AI roadmap.

Key considerations for Apple include enhancing AI capabilities while prioritizing on-device processing for user privacy.

“The effectiveness of AI is directly linked to the quality of data it can access,” noted analyst Carolina Milanesi.

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