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Airtel expands network in Patan, Gujarat with new sites for better coverage

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In Short:

Bharti Airtel has expanded its network in the Patan district of Gujarat by adding more sites, benefiting customers in Patan and Sidhpur. The company has invested in enhancing connectivity for 4G, 5G, broadband, and fiber services. Airtel aims to improve network connectivity in 60,000 villages by 2024 under its Rural Enhancement Project. The network expansion covers 15 districts in Gujarat, impacting over 50 lakh people.

Airtel Deploys Additional Sites in Patan District of Gujarat Under REP
Bharti Airtel has recently expanded its network by deploying additional sites in the Patan district of Gujarat. The network expansion project in Patan covered 135 villages and a population base of 2.53 lakh, as announced by Airtel.

Network Expansion in Patan District

Airtel has extended its network coverage to benefit customers in the tehsils of Patan and Sidhpur in the Patan district. The company has made additional investments to improve network connectivity for a better user experience on 4G, 5G, Broadband, and Fiber services.

National Rural Enhancement Project (REP)

Airtel is actively implementing the Rural Enhancement Project (REP) nationwide, with a goal to enhance network connectivity in 60,000 villages by 2024. In Gujarat, the company is focusing on improving network coverage in 7,000 villages, covering the entire state.

The REP initiative in Gujarat includes fifteen districts such as Bharuch, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, and others. It aims to benefit over 50 lakh people in these districts.

Coverage and Recent Deployments

Airtel’s network now reaches all major urban, semi-urban, and rural areas in the region, including highways, tourist spots, and commercial hubs. In addition to Patan, the company has recently deployed more sites in West Bengal’s Haora and Hugli districts to enhance its network coverage.

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