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Reckless Scammers Brazenly Committing Crimes Without Concealment

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In Short:

The Yahoo Boys, cybercriminals engaging in sextortion scams, have been sharing scripts and tutorials on various social media platforms. Despite efforts to remove harmful content, the Yahoo Boys continue to thrive due to lack of moderation. They have even adopted new technologies like deepfake tools to scam victims. Experts believe social media companies and law enforcement need to take these cybercriminals more seriously as a transnational organized crime group.

Scammers Exploiting Social Media Platforms for Sextortion Schemes

In a disturbing trend, cybercriminals are using various social media platforms to conduct sextortion scams. One Telegram channel, highlighted by Warner from Intelligence for Good, revealed how one cybercriminal guided others on running such scams. They tricked individuals into sharing nude images and even posted screenshots of the conversations. The cybercriminals then shared ways for others to replicate the scheme, sending threatening messages demanding money in exchange for not posting personal content on social media.

Scribd Removes Dangerous Scripts

Scripts for such scams have been widely shared on social media channels, with WIRED identifying at least 80 of them on Scribd. Upon WIRED’s report, Scribd removed these scripts, emphasizing their limits on content uploads and commitment to content moderation. Some of the removed scripts had been online since 2020, posing a significant threat to individuals.

Response from Social Media Platforms

Tech giants like TikTok and YouTube are also taking action against such illicit activities. TikTok has removed content violating its policies, while YouTube terminated channels promoting scams and harmful content. Both platforms are committed to ensuring a safe online environment for their users.

Evolution of Scammers’ Techniques

Experts have observed scammers, known as Yahoo Boys, adapting to new technologies to deceive and exploit victims. These cybercriminals have been using advanced techniques like deepfake tools, cloned voices, and nudification tools to manipulate photos and videos. The sophistication of their tactics poses a serious threat to individuals globally.

Call for Action

Despite their long-standing presence, experts stress the urgency for social media companies and law enforcement to take decisive action against the Yahoo Boys. These cybercriminals should be treated as a dangerous organization engaging in transnational organized crime, requiring swift and stringent measures to combat their activities.

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