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My Undercover Experience as a Secret OnlyFans User: Not So Glamorous

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In Short:

I started my journey as an OnlyFans chatter with the goal of comforting the afflicted instead of focusing on selling explicit content. After being vetted by an agency representative named Janko, I was admitted to a Discord server for training with hopes of eventually chatting for top OnlyFans accounts. The process involved tutorials, tests, shadowing experienced chatters, and finally working an eight-hour shift. Janko advised me to be greedy and push for sales.

OnlyFans Chatter Explores Job Opportunities with an Agency

As an aspiring OnlyFans chatter, I was initially drawn to the idea of offering comfort to individuals rather than focusing solely on selling explicit content. However, concerns arose when the founder suggested starting as an intern, which raised worries about potentially unpaid work.

Positive Development with an Agency Representative

A welcome change came when I received an encouraging email from a representative, identified as Janko. After agreeing to a compensation package of $5 per hour along with a 0.5 percent sales commission, I underwent a brief assessment. One question required me to navigate a conversation with a lonely, cat-owning construction site inspector to uplift his spirits.

Drawing on advice from another experienced chatter, Bel, I devised a strategy to steer the chat in a more positive direction by sharing a dream scenario with the subscriber. This approach resonated well with the sensitive individual I was engaging with.

Unexpected Twist in Job Placement

Despite positive feedback on my performance, Janko informed me that there wasn’t an immediate position available. Instead, I was vetted for potential placement in a different agency that manages prominent OnlyFans accounts. This new opportunity would involve training and assessments in a Discord server.

Encouraged to strive for sales success, Janko expressed confidence in my abilities and wished me luck in the next phase of the process.


Path to Securing a Full-Time Position

The journey towards a full-time role with the agency involved attending tutorials led by a seasoned chatter referred to as Luka. Subsequently, I would undergo a comprehensive test to determine my readiness for shadowing experienced chatters on major accounts. Only after observing professionals in action would I progress to an eight-hour shift.

During the initial training session led by Luka, I received valuable insights on effective chatting techniques, including a quotation attributed to Benjamin Franklin emphasizing the unpredictability of interactions with people.

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