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Google Uses AI to Demonstrate Clothing Fit on Various Body Types

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In Short:

Google has introduced new ad formats that allow brands to link short videos to their ads in search results, along with AI-generated text summaries. They have also launched a tool that creates AI-generated product images based on brand identity. Small businesses like A Girl’s Gotta Spa are finding these tools helpful for social media and marketing. The use of AI in advertising is increasing, but concerns about consumer reception remain.

Google Introduces New Ad Formats

Google has unveiled a new ad format that enables brands to connect short-form videos to their advertisements in Google’s search engine. These videos can be either created by the brands themselves or by hired creators. AI-generated text summaries of the clips will be provided below the videos. According to Madrigal, “I’ve got three Gen Z-ers at home, and watching them shop, it’s very video-based.”

AI-Generated Product Images

Additionally, Google has launched a tool that allows companies to generate AI-based product images using photos from previous marketing campaigns and images that reflect their brand identity. For example, a home goods brand could request Google to place a candle on a beach with palm trees based on uploaded images.

Testimonial from A Girl’s Gotta Spa

Shannon Smyth, the founder of A Girl’s Gotta Spa, shared her positive experiences with Google’s AI image tools. She mentioned using the tool for creating images for social media, email newsletters, and her Amazon store, emphasizing the time-saving benefits and improvement in image quality over time.

Better Advertising Imagery

Google aims to assist advertisers in producing engaging imagery without extensive reliance on graphic designers, photographers, and other creative professionals. The company hopes that AI-generated images will enhance ad engagement and click-through rates, ultimately boosting revenue.

AI in Advertising Landscape

AI-generated advertising is increasingly prevalent online. Meta, Google, and Amazon offer tools for generating AI-enhanced marketing content, including images and marketing copy. While concerns exist regarding consumer perceptions of AI-generated ads, smaller ecommerce businesses see the benefits outweighing the risks.

Consumer Response to AI-Generated Ads

There remains uncertainty about how consumers will react to AI-generated ads. Some fashion brands faced backlash after experimenting with AI design. However, for smaller businesses like Smyth’s, the use of AI has proven valuable in maintaining customer engagement and brand presence.

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