What enterprises need do to keep edge networks safe

October 11, 2019

Network security is not only a top boardroom priority, but ensuring the protection of corporate data moving from the edge network out to the cloud and back, given today’s complex hybrid-cloud architectures, is not an easy task.
Network security matters more than ever. With enterprises investing heavily to transform themselves digitally, the threat has in many respects intensified and diversified.
Enterprises pursuing a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud strategy, or relying on a software-as-a-service model to give remote workers access to critical applications, perhaps via a mobile device, will be potentially exposing themselves to new threat vectors that must be built into an already long list of security considerations for WAN edge optimization.
As enterprises look for ways to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and to achieve greater business agility, they must match that by transforming their wide-area network to be more software-driven.
By transforming their networking strategy with the right SD-WAN solution, they are not only gaining manageability and control, they are taking a big step toward better network security as well.
The key to the kingdom Putting security first means taking a multi-layered approach that is scalable and safe while also being simple to deploy, as well as straightforward to manage via an SD-WAN fabric.
Truly secure networks are all about a multi-tiered architecture where multiple checks, authentications and authorizations are required to gain access to the internal network. A major caution, however, is that Not all SD-WAN solutions handle edge security in the same way.

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