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Claro Trials 5G Technology in Costa Rica

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In Short:

Claro (America Movil) has launched a 5G trial service in Costa Rica for customers with compatible phones, offering speeds up to 10 times faster than current rates. The deployment will be gradual in different provinces, with 5G currently available in select areas. Claro aims to provide the fastest internet in Costa Rica with 5G technology, leveraging global experience. Users can experience the trial by registering online.

Claro Costa Rica Launches Trial 5G Service
Claro (America Movil) has announced the launch of a 5G trial service in Costa Rica in several localities for customers with compatible phones. Claro Costa Rica said its 5G technology promises browsing speeds up to 10 times faster than current rates, reaching up to 1.7 Gbps, with lower latency and seamless connectivity for multiple devices, enabling users to experience improved browsing speeds. Claro is the third operator to launch 5G in Costa Rica.

5G Deployment in Costa Rica

The company noted that the deployment of 5G technology will be carried out gradually in the different provinces of Costa Rica. According to the operator’s website, 5G is currently available in San Jose and Bijagua de Upala, as well as venues such as Limon baseball stadium, Mall Internacional, Instituto Tecnologico, Central Park, Metro Park, City Mall, among others, according to the website.

“For Claro Costa Rica, it is very important to be able to continue offering users the fastest internet in Costa Rica, and this time we do it hand in hand with 5G technology so that all people can experience the true speed network. The experience we have had in other countries has allowed us to have the necessary tools to provide excellent navigation service for our clients,” said Claro Costa Rica.

Leveraging Global Experience

Claro Costa Rica‘s parent company, America Movil, has launched 5G in Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Guatemala. This makes Costa Rica the second country in the region with 5G technology supported by Claro, the company said.

Experience 5G Trial

Claro Costa Rica invites its users to experience the 5G network trial firsthand. Users can register their interest through an online forum on the company’s website.

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