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Deadline extended for comments on TRAI’s spectrum auction consultation for IMT bands 37-37.5 GHz, 37.5-40 GHz, and 42.5-43.5 GHz.

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In Short:

The deadline for submitting comments on TRAI’s consultation paper about the auction of spectrum bands for mobile telecommunications has been extended. Originally, the last date was May 2, 2024, for comments and May 16, 2024, for counter comments. However, due to stakeholder requests, TRAI has decided to extend the deadline to May 16, 2024, for comments, and May 30, 2024, for counter comments. This gives more time for stakeholders to provide their input on the proposed spectrum auction. The consultation paper was released on April 4, 2024, with a focus on bands identified for International Mobile Telecommunications.

TRAI Extends Deadline for Spectrum Auction Consultation

Hey there! Guess what – TRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, has some news for all of us about the upcoming spectrum auction consultation.

Deadline Extension

The consultation paper for the auction of spectrum in **37-37.5 GHz, 37.5-40 GHz, and 42.5-43.5 GHz** bands was initially released on April 4, 2024. Stakeholders were given until May 2, 2024, to submit their comments, and May 16, 2024, for counter comments.

Stakeholders’ Request Heard

But hold on! TRAI has decided to give everyone a bit more time. Due to requests from stakeholders for an extension, the deadline for written comments and counter comments has now been pushed to May 16, 2024, and May 30, 2024, respectively.

So, if you haven’t shared your thoughts yet, here’s your chance to make your voice heard!

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