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Government’s plea on spectrum allocation denied by Supreme Court

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In Short:

The Supreme Court refused to allow the government’s request to allocate spectrum administratively. The government wanted to review a 2012 order, but the court saw it as unnecessary. The court cited a rule in 2013 that allows it to reject frivolous or scandalous petitions. The government can appeal within 15 days. The government argued that spectrum is used for more than just telecom services, including security and disaster preparedness. The court’s decision means the allocation of spectrum will continue to be regulated through auctions rather than administrative decisions.

Supreme Court Rejects Centre’s Application for Spectrum Allocation

Government’s Move Declined

The **Supreme Court** has refused to accept an application from the **Centre** regarding the administrative allocation of spectrum. The court stated that the government’s request for a review of a 2012 order under the guise of seeking clarifications was misconceived.

Reason for Rejection

Quoting Order XV Rule 5 of the Supreme Court Rules, 2013, the registrar mentioned that the petition disclosed no reasonable cause or contained frivolous or scandalous matter. The **government** now has 15 days to appeal this decision.

Government’s Stand

In its application, the Union government argued that spectrum allocation was not only for commercial telecom services but also for critical functions like security, safety, and disaster preparedness, emphasizing public interest.

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