The emerging application paradigm requires application-specific networking

October 10, 2019

For business networking to be as agile, distributed and secure as emerging applications, networking needs to be programmable and embedded into the apps, accessible via any Internet connection.
NetFoundry uniquely enables business app developers to spin up global, private, programmable, Internet-overlay networks with the same ease at which they spin up containers or VMs. Private, secure networking, with Internet reach, without private circuits, hardware and configuration. Secure, performant overlay networks controlled by the application, instead of the application being at the mercy of the networks.
Like providers such as AWS enabled developers to leverage compute while being abstracted from the compute itself (which AWS offers as IaaS), NetFoundry enables developers to leverage networking, while being abstracted from the underlying networks (which NetFoundry offers as Network-as-a-Service). This abstraction and simplification of private networking, together with the economic advantages of moving it to the Internet, leads to innovation – just like we saw when companies like AWS and Twilio did similar for developers in their respective realms.
NetFoundry is above $1.5M ARR on 200% annual growth in the past 12-months, and trending to 500% annual ARR growth in this fiscal year. NetFoundry customers embed networking into their apps to improve their products.
Some representative design wins:
• Microsoft Azure chose NetFoundry as one of just four global launch partners for Virtual WAN, enabling customers to access Virtual WAN via NetFoundry APIs.
• Blockchain and cybersecurity startups like LokBlok (NetFoundry part starts at 5 minute mark but the entire video is worth watching), are building NetFoundry into their apps.
• BlazeClan, recently awarded as the AWS Partner Network Country Partner of the Year in Singapore, uses NetFoundry to enable their customers to securely and reliably access AWS-hosted applications without Direct Connect (MPLS) or VPN.
• IBM Watson features NetFoundry as just one of three Watson Voice partners, enabling contact centers to leverage Watson Voice services over the Internet.
• cleverDome integrated NetFoundry to enable their financial services customers to securely connect to each other and across clouds without VPNs or MPLS.
The platform enables app and solution providers to programattically integrate Zero Trust, high performance, vendor-agnostic, private application connections over the Internet. The NetFoundry platform is integrated with solutions which are addressing other parts of the emerging application paradigm shift such as microservices and edge compute solutions to give customers end-to-end, API-integrated solutions.

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