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TRAI set to unveil new guidelines for call disruptions and video quality on 5G networks.

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In Short:

TRAI has finished talking to telecom companies and is set to announce rules for 5G service quality in two months. Rules will focus on call issues & video streaming problems due to packet drops. TRAI will include jitters for the first time to monitor data flow changes for video calls. They want latency to be under 100 milliseconds and jitter under 50 milliseconds. Operators must report network outages within 24 hours. Non-compliance could result in penalties up to Rs. 3 lakh per benchmark. Telcos don’t agree with TRAI’s new rules. They say issues are due to hardware, not service quality and want to stick to quarterly reporting.

TRAI to Set Quality Regulations for 5G Services

Exciting news alert! The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is gearing up to establish regulations to ensure the quality of 5G services in the next couple of months. How cool is that?!

Stringent Benchmarks for Call Issues and Jitters

TRAI will be setting strict benchmarks to address call issues and jitters in video streaming and calls, which are causing disturbances due to packet drops. These regulations are set to enhance the overall quality of 5G services. Go TRAI!

New Parameters, Including Jitters

In a first, TRAI will be including jitters as a parameter to monitor data flow fluctuations, especially crucial for time-sensitive applications like video calls and high-quality streaming. Additionally, there will be updates to quality norms for 4G services. Exciting times ahead!

Important Benchmarks

The proposed regulations aim for an average latency of under 100 milliseconds for both 4G and 5G networks over a month. Jitters should be below 50 milliseconds, and the call drop rate below 2 percent. TRAI is stepping up the game here!

Enhanced Compliance Mechanism

TRAI is shifting to a monthly reporting basis to ensure better monitoring and timely action in case of service quality degradation. This move will lead to more efficient performance evaluation. Keep up the good work, TRAI!

Penalties in Place

Telecom operators failing to meet the set benchmarks may face penalties of up to Rs. 3 lakh per benchmark. False reporting could result in penalties of up to Rs. 10 lakh per benchmark. It’s all about ensuring accountability!

Operator Concerns

Telecom operators have expressed concerns regarding the new parameters and the transition to monthly reporting, attributing service quality issues to hardware performance. Let’s hope for a smooth transition!

Stay tuned for more updates on TRAI’s efforts to enhance the quality of 5G services. It’s all about better connectivity and user experience!

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