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TRAI releases paper on revising national numbering plan

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In Short:

TRAI has released a consultation paper on revising the National Numbering Plan to improve the allocation and use of telecom identifier (TI) resources. The plan aims to update policies to ensure enough TIs are available for current and future services, while considering factors like inactive connections and future challenges like machine-to-machine services. TRAI is seeking industry input on issues like reusing inactive numbers, charging for TI resources, and adapting criteria for landline services. Stakeholders have until July 4, 2024, to submit comments and July 18, 2024, for counter-comments on the proposed changes.

TRAI Consultation Paper: A Step Towards Improving Telecom Numbering Plan

Hey there, telecom enthusiasts! The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently released a consultation paper on the ‘Revision of National Numbering Plan’. Exciting, isn’t it?

Understanding the National Numbering Plan

The **National Numbering Plan** plays a crucial role in ensuring a structured approach to the allocation and use of telecommunication identifier (TI) resources. It defines the numbering space for existing and potential services, helping in efficient expansion without facing resource depletion issues.

Key Concerns Addressed in the Paper

TRAI is seeking industry inputs on various aspects, such as the duration after which inactive telecom numbering resources can be reused, potential constraints on landline numbering resources in the age of broadband growth, and the need for a charging mechanism to ensure optimal resource usage.

Call for Stakeholder Comments

Interested stakeholders are encouraged to submit their written comments on the issues raised in the consultation paper by July 4, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your voice heard!

Exciting times lie ahead in the telecom sector as TRAI strives to make improvements for the benefit of all. Let’s stay tuned for further updates!

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