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Government’s decision to open space market to private players creates new opportunities: DST, ET Telecom

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In Short:

The Indian government has allowed private companies to enter the space market, providing opportunities for innovation. A startup called Agnikul, incubated at IIT Madras, launched an orbital vehicle called Agnibaan with 3D-printed semi-cryogenic engines. The startup developed technologies to improve space engines and streamline manufacturing. The launch took place from India’s first private launchpad at SDSC SHAR. Agnikul received support from NCCRD at IIT Madras and Pravartak Technologies. They started manufacturing engines at IIT Madras Research Park. This initiative, supported by DST, led India to achieve the world’s first flight with a single-piece patented rocket engine.

Revolutionizing the Space Market

Exciting news from New Delhi! The Department of Science and Technology (DST) announced on Monday that the government’s decision to allow private players into the space market has opened up new opportunities in the sector.

Breaking Ground with Agnibaan

AgniKul, a space tech startup incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, launched a two-stage orbital launch vehicle named Agnibaan on May 30. This innovative vehicle is powered by India’s first patented single-piece 3D-printed semi-cryogenic engines.

The startup, operating out of the National Centre for Combustion Research and Development (NCCRD) at IIT Madras, has developed cutting-edge technologies that enhance the reliability of space engines and streamline their manufacturing process, making space missions more efficient.

Achieving Milestones

AgniKul recently marked a significant achievement by successfully launching its first inaugural mission, Agnibaan SOrTeD (Agnibaan Sub-Orbital Technology Demonstrator), from India’s first private launchpad at SDSC SHAR. This milestone was made possible with the support and training received at NCCRD, where the startup honed its rocket-building skills.

Partnering with Technology Innovation Hub (TIH), Pravartak Technologies from IIT Madras, AgniKul has been able to further develop and commercialize technologies for space exploration and deep space missions.

Pioneering Progress

With the help of DST’s TBI (Technology Business Incubator), AgniKul established India’s first private launchpad and Mission Control Centre at Sriharikota range. The successful launch of Agnibaan SorTeD not only made history as the world’s first flight with a single-piece patented rocket engine but also showcased India’s growing prowess in the space industry.

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