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Government to unveil new 5G initiatives, shift focus to 6G research in upcoming Budget

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In Short:

The government is planning to focus on developing India’s 5G ecosystem and investing in research for 6G technology in the upcoming Union Budget 2024-25. The Department of Telecommunications is interested in creating 5G use cases specifically tailored to the country’s needs, with a focus on improving the lives of people in rural areas. The government believes that beyond faster internet, 5G should make a real difference in people’s lives. Additionally, the establishment of 5G infrastructure will pave the way for 6G technology, which will offer new solutions. The government is likely to introduce the Bharat 6G vision and announce related initiatives in the budget.

Government to Boost 5G and 6G Development in India

The government is gearing up to unveil measures aimed at fostering the growth of **India’s 5G ecosystem** while also allocating funds for further **research and development in 6G** in the upcoming Union Budget 2024-25.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) emphasizes that this move underscores the government’s commitment to exploring **5G use cases** tailored to the unique needs of the nation. The focus goes beyond just faster internet speeds; the aim is to leverage **5G technology** to make a substantial impact on the lives of individuals, particularly in rural areas.

According to DoT, the infrastructure laid down for **5G** will serve as the groundwork for the advancement of **6G technology**, bringing a whole new set of solutions to the table. Therefore, the government is anticipated to introduce the **Bharat 6G vision** and roll out corresponding initiatives.

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