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XL Axiata upgrades network and activates 5G in Central Java, Indonesia

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In Short:

Indonesian telco XL Axiata has completed a 5-year project with Nokia to upgrade its network in Central Java. Around 4,400 sites have been modernized and 5G has been activated in 4 cities. XL Axiata used Nokia equipment for the upgrades and aims to provide improved coverage and performance for its customers. The telco has also invested in building 5G infrastructure and signed an MoU with Nokia for future 5G development initiatives.

<b>XL Axiata</b> Completes Network Upgrades, Activates 5G in Central Java, Indonesia” width=”1200″ height=”800″><br />Indonesian telecommunications company <b>XL Axiata</b> has successfully completed a major five-year project in collaboration with Nokia to modernize its network infrastructure across Central Java. As part of this initiative, approximately 4,400 existing sites in the region have been upgraded with new equipment, resulting in improved network performance and coverage for subscribers. Additionally, <b>XL Axiata</b> has activated 5G services in four key cities in the Central Java Province, namely Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, and Pekalongan.</p>
<h2>Network Modernisation Project</h2>
<p>With a subscriber base of over 57 million, <b>XL Axiata</b> utilized Nokia’s Airscale Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) and Network Performance Improvement (NPI) program to enhance the capacity and efficiency of its network infrastructure. The company expressed satisfaction with the project execution, highlighting the improved service quality now available to customers.</p>
<h2>Activation in Central Java</h2>
<p>In its efforts to stay ahead in the technological landscape, <b>XL Axiata</b> has invested in establishing 5G coverage in four cities within Central Java. This infrastructure will not only serve as a testing ground for 5G applications but also facilitate future deployments of innovative services.</p>
<h2>Future 5G Development Initiatives</h2>
<p>Looking towards the future, <b>XL Axiata</b> has cemented its commitment to 5G advancement through a partnership with Nokia for a Co-Development Program on 5G Cloud RAN. This collaboration aims to prepare the company for the diverse possibilities that come with the evolution of 5G technology.</p>
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