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White goods warranties now starting from date of installation, not purchase.

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In Short:

Starting from the date of installation, rather than the date of purchase, warranties for electronic appliances like ACs and washing machines will benefit consumers across India. The new policy follows global standards and aims to ensure consumers receive the full warranty period. Manufacturers have been directed to implement this change and inform consumers clearly about the policy, safeguarding consumer interests under the Consumer Protection Act.

Revolutionary Change in Warranty Policy for Electronic Appliances!

Hey there, exciting news for all you tech-savvy folks out there! The warranty period for electronic appliances is getting a major upgrade across the country. Brace yourselves for this game-changer – the warranty will now kick in from the **date of installation** rather than the boring old purchase date.

What Does This Mean for You?

So, all those air conditioners, geysers, washing machines, refrigerators, and water coolers requiring installation will fall under this new policy. No more lost warranty time due to delays in setting up your new electronic buddies!

Who’s Behind This Awesome Change?

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) under the consumer affairs ministry has made this hip move to sync up with global best practices. No more getting short-changed on your warranty, folks!

What Next?

The CCPA has given a heads-up to all consumer durable manufacturers to get cracking on implementing this change, and they need to share their feedback within the next 15 days. Let’s keep an eye out for those enhanced warranty starts!

Insider Scoop from the Meeting

The ministry recently held a chinwag with major electronic appliance manufacturers to hash out the details. It was all about ensuring that consumers are crystal clear about when their warranty clock starts ticking, right from the installation point.

Big Brands on Board

The meeting saw heavy hitters like Reliance Retail, LG, Panasonic, Haier, Croma, and Bosch stepping up to support this bold move. They’re all geared up to address consumer concerns and make this change a breeze.

Safeguarding Consumer Interests

It’s not just about the warranty change – the focus is also on making sure consumers aren’t short-changed in any way. The industry players are determined to put measures in place to keep things fair and square for all.

Market Insights

And just so you know, the white goods market is all set to soar, with projections hitting over $21 billion by 2025. Looks like we’re in for some exciting times ahead!

Stay tuned for more updates on this fascinating journey towards a more consumer-friendly tech world. Let’s hope for glitch-free installations and hassle-free warranties from now on!

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