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Virgin Media O2’s Smart Support Service Enhances Broadband Reliability

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In Short:

Virgin Media O2 has introduced a “smart support” service to improve broadband reliability for customers, responding to research showing 34% of British broadband users lack confidence in fixing WiFi issues. The service, initially targeting 300,000 customers, will monitor speeds, automatically resolve faults, provide personalized advice, and offer free engineer appointments if needed. Virgin Media O2 also offers a WiFi guarantee with minimum download speeds of 30 Mbps or EUR 100 credit.

Virgin Media O2 Rolls Out Smart Support Service to Boost Broadband Reliability
British telecommunications company Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) has launched a new “smart support” service with the aim of enhancing broadband reliability for its customers. This initiative follows research showing that 34 percent of British broadband users lack confidence in resolving WiFi issues themselves. The service will address issues remotely at no extra cost, VMO2 announced on Monday.

Introduction of Smart Support

The smart support service, powered by technology from Cisco ThousandEyes (formerly SamKnows), will first target 300,000 Virgin Media broadband customers for assessment and improvement throughout the year. It will improve streaming, video calling, and gaming experiences by monitoring WiFi Hubs and identifying speed drops and disconnections.

Key Features and Benefits

Key features include continuous monitoring of broadband speeds and connection performance, automatic overnight fault resolution attempts, personalized advice, and easy booking of free engineer appointments if needed.

VMO2 also announced that the smart support service will expand later this year to diagnose a wider range of in-home connectivity issues and provide guidance on eliminating WiFi blackspots for complete home coverage.

“Our new smart support service will proactively address network issues and enhance our connectivity performance, often without customers needing to take any action. As the service evolves, it will reduce hassle for customers and enhance connectivity for those in need, delivering a top-notch service overall,” stated Virgin Media O2.

WiFi Guarantee

In addition to the smart support service, Virgin Media O2 is offering a WiFi guarantee to customers with Virgin Media broadband and an O2 pay monthly mobile plan. This guarantee promises minimum download speeds of 30 Mbps in every room or a EUR 100 credit, without any extra charge. The guarantee sets a higher minimum speed threshold compared to competitors like BT, EE, Sky, and Vodafone, according to the company.

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