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Virgin Media O2 takes eco-friendly steps, eliminates tonnes of single-use plastic amid sustainability efforts

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In Short:

Virgin Media O2 has removed 65 tonnes of single-use plastic from its operations and products since 2021 as part of its sustainability goals. The company aims to achieve zero waste operations and products by 2025. Working with partners like Technetix and GXO, they have reduced single-use plastic in equipment and packaging sent to customers. All removed plastic is recycled or repurposed to minimize environmental impact.

Virgin Media O2 Removes Tonnes of Single-Use Plastic in Sustainability Drive

British telecommunications company Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) has successfully eliminated 65 tonnes of single-use plastic from its operations and products since the year 2021. This significant milestone reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Plastic Reduction Milestones

As part of its sustainability strategy, known as the Better Connections Plan, VMO2 aims to achieve zero waste operations and products by the end of 2025. The company is actively collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers to reduce waste and eliminate single-use plastic throughout its operations.

Collaboration for Change

Through partnerships with companies like Technetix and GXO, Virgin Media O2 has made significant progress in reducing single-use plastic. Nearly 18 tonnes of plastic have been removed from equipment used by engineers, while 48 tonnes have been eliminated from packaging sent to customers, representing a 94 percent reduction since 2021.

Furthermore, initiatives with GXO have led to a reduction in single-use plastic used in the delivery of TV and broadband products, preventing approximately 22 tonnes of plastic waste each year. All removed plastic is responsibly recycled, reused, or repurposed by VMO2.

Commitment to Environmental Impact

In collaboration with Technetix, Virgin Media O2 has introduced new packaging solutions that prevent the entry of significant amounts of plastic into the supply chain annually. The company remains dedicated to reducing waste and single-use plastic from its operations, while prioritizing easily recyclable materials.

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