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Viettel signs new contract to deliver private 5G in India

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In Short:

Vietnamese company Viettel High Tech signed a second 5G contract in India with UTL Group. Viettel will deliver its 5G Private solution, including RANs and core networks, to UTL within three months. UTL has a strong presence in the Indian communication sector and aims to meet the demand for 5G solutions. Viettel High Tech has expertise in delivering large-scale telecom projects and aims to tap into new customer segments in India.

Viettel Signs Second Contract to Provide Private 5G in India
Vietnamese technology company Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation (Viettel High Tech) announced on Thursday that it has signed its second commercial contract to deliver its private 5G solution in India – this one with United Telecoms Limited (UTL Group). Under the contract, Viettel High Tech will deliver its 5GP (5G Private) solution – which incorporates 5G NR RANs (Macro, Micro, AIO base stations), 100G transmission network, and 5GC core network – to UTL within three months. Viettel‘s system enables the provision of private network services, including two primary offerings: eMBB data and VoNR service, according to the company.

UTL Group Market

UTL Group is the provider of Indian government in the communication sector with more than a 60 percent market share of the Indian national transmission network, the official release said.

Viettel intends to tap into new customer segments, particularly government clients, by leveraging UTL‘s existing customer network. UTL presently operates in more than 60 countries and territories across various domains.

Viettel Private 5G Solution

UTL Group shared: “There is immense demand for 5G Private solutions in the Indian market, and we are committed to maintaining our leading position by delivering value to customers with Viettel‘s comprehensive 5G connectivity solution.”

“Viettel is open to cooperating with partners in all aspects, ranging from technical support services to manufacturing, and even in research and development activity,” UTL added.

Viettel High Tech’s Expertise

Viettel High Tech emphasised: “With our position as the leading supplier of telecoms equipment in Vietnam, Viettel High Tech has the capability to deliver complete 5G solutions as well as a wealth of experience and a proven track record in implementing large-scale telecoms projects.

In December 2023, Viettel announced that it has successfully delivered the first complete Private 5G Network in India to QuadGen, five months after signing the service provision contract.

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