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Verizon teams up with AST SpaceMobile to end Cellular Dead Zones in the US

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In Short:

Verizon and AST SpaceMobile have partnered to improve cellular connectivity across the US by investing USD 100 million. The goal is to eliminate dead zones and provide coverage in remote areas by combining Verizon’s network with AST’s satellite technology. The partnership aims to achieve 100 percent coverage using the 850 MHz spectrum. AST SpaceMobile sees this as a transformational milestone and Verizon is excited about using satellite technology to reach unreachable areas.

Verizon and AST SpaceMobile Partner to Eliminate Cellular Dead Zones in US
American wireless network operator Verizon and Satellite operator AST SpaceMobile have announced a strategic partnership, with Verizon committing USD 100 million to enhance cellular connectivity across the continental United States. This initiative aims to achieve 100 percent coverage using the 850 MHz spectrum, integrating Verizon’s terrestrial network with AST SpaceMobile’s satellite technology.

Investment Details

Verizon’s USD 100 million commitment includes USD 65 million in commercial prepayments, with USD 45 million contingent on specific conditions, and USD 35 million in convertible notes.


The partnership seeks to eliminate dead zones and provide connectivity in remote areas where traditional cellular infrastructure is inadequate. By leveraging the multi-operator 850 MHz band and deploying AST SpaceMobile’s satellite arrays in low Earth orbit (LEO), the collaboration aims to ensure seamless connectivity across the US, the official release said.

“This new partnership with Verizon will enable AST SpaceMobile to target 100 percent coverage of the continental United States on premium 850 MHz spectrum with two major US mobile operators in the most valuable wireless market in the world,” AST SpaceMobile said, describing the partnership as a “transformational commercial milestone.”

“This partnership will enhance cellular connectivity in the United States, essentially eliminating dead zones and empowering remote areas of the country with space-based connectivity,” AST SpaceMobile added.

Commenting on the agreement with AST, Verizon said, “We will now be able to use our spectrum in conjunction with AST’s satellite network to provide essential connectivity in remote corners of the US where cellular signals are unreachable through traditional land-based infrastructure.”

Technology and Operations

According to the official release, AST SpaceMobile’s advanced satellite arrays will complement Verizon’s land-based network, enhancing overall connectivity. AST SpaceMobile has agreements with over 45 mobile network operators globally, collectively serving more than 2.8 billion subscribers.

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