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Top Chinese smartphone brands OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi exploring GenAI technology on flagship devices

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In Short:

Chinese mobile phone brands like OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi are introducing generative artificial intelligence (genAI) features in their flagship devices to stay ahead in the competition. These features include AI portrait generation, content creation, and productivity enhancements. Samsung and potentially Apple are also investing in genAI technology. To expand globally, Chinese brands will need to partner with companies like Google and OpenAI due to privacy concerns and compatibility issues with Chinese language models.

Chinese Smartphone Brands Integrate AI Features in Flagship Devices

Several top Chinese mobile phone brands including OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi have introduced generative artificial intelligence-based applications in their flagship devices. This move comes as competition intensifies among handset manufacturers to incorporate the latest technology trends in smartphones.

Nicole Zhang, general manager of AI product for OPPO and OnePlus, highlighted the collaboration with Google to integrate both Gemini and Google Cloud AI into smartphones. Xiaomi has also confirmed the rollout of an AI portrait feature that utilizes generative AI to generate fake portrait photos based on a user’s face.

Market Insight

Market experts mention that Chinese brands are cautiously observing genAI trends outside the mainland to avoid setting high expectations and failing to deliver. Generative AI is expected to drive smartphone upgrades in a market increasingly inclined towards premium offerings.

Technological Advancements

While Samsung has swiftly incorporated generative AI features in its latest flagship phones, other brands like OnePlus and Vivo are quietly introducing AI capabilities such as magic eraser for image editing. These brands are partnering with Google to launch features based on advanced large language models.

Future Trends

Industry analysts anticipate Apple’s potential entry into the genAI space with its language model for iPhones, with an expected announcement at its annual developer conference. Chinese brands are likely to form partnerships with global tech giants like Google and OpenAI to enable genAI features outside China, addressing compatibility and privacy concerns.

Privacy Concerns

Experts emphasize the importance of data security and privacy policies for Chinese companies venturing into AI-powered features. These companies are expected to ensure stringent policies to avoid legal complications related to data collection.

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