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Telia Estonia plans to extend fiber network to 9,000 homes by 2024

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In Short:

Telia Estonia is expanding its fiber-optic network to provide ultra-fast internet to 9,000 homes by 2024. The focus is on upgrading low-speed copper networks in various regions, including Tallinn and Tartu. Telia is also offering 5G on the 26 GHz band, with speeds exceeding 2 Gbps in tests. The aim is to provide fast connections in areas without reliable fixed internet.

Telia Estonia to Expand Fiber Network to 9,000 Homes in 2024

Telia Estonia has announced its plans to expand its fiber-optic network in 2024, aiming to provide ultra-fast internet connectivity to 9,000 homes. The company will be actively modernizing the fixed internet network in over 20 regions across Estonia.

Fiber Optic Network Expansion

“The main focus will be on building a light cable network for Telia customers currently using slow copper connections. Major fiber optic network development projects will be carried out in various regions including Tallinn, Tartu, Parnu, Viljandi, Rakvere, Kuressaare, Kardla, and Harjumaa (Raasikul and Saku),” Telia Estonia stated.

Telia plans to extend the fiber optic cable network to over 9,000 premises in Estonia, offering internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps. By the end of 2024, high-speed fiber internet should be accessible to over 575,000 premises, with customers being informed about improved internet connections as the network expands.

Telia Starts Offering 5G on 26GHz Band

In a recent update, Telia announced the launch of its 5G Network in the new 5G frequency band. The company introduced the use of the 26 GHz band for commercial 5G services, establishing itself as one of the first in Europe and the Baltic countries to do so.

The 5G base station operating on the 26 GHz band was activated in Kiili at the end of 2023, serving customers in the village of Vaela where building an optical network is challenging, as reported by TelecomTalk.

5G Advancements in Estonia

In spring 2023, Telia tested the new frequency band’s capacity in Tallinn using a base station in Kristiine and special routers. During the test, download speeds surpassed 2 Gbps, setting a new record in the company’s mobile network, with upload speeds reaching almost 600 Mbps. Telia plans to utilize this frequency band in areas lacking fixed internet but with a demand for high-speed connections.

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