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Telia Estonia expands solar-powered mobile services with 43 new installations

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In Short:

Telia Estonia has installed 43 solar panels at its mobile sites in Estonia, in partnership with Sunly City. The project aims to power Telia’s mobile services with solar energy, benefiting customers. The company plans to install solar panels near 100 mobile masts by 2024. Telia is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2040, with a focus on reducing emissions and recycling waste by 2030.

Telia Estonia Advances Solar-Powered Mobile Services With 43 Installations
Telia Estonia has announced that it now has 43 mobile sites supported by solar panels. The telecom company has completed the construction of 43 solar installations alongside its mobile masts in Estonia in partnership with renewable energy solutions developer Sunly City. These installations are intended to power Telia’s mobile services with solar energy, benefiting tens of thousands of customers in Estonia.

Agreement for Sustainable Development

Telia Estonia and Sunly City agreed last spring to work together on this project. Sunly City will build solar installations near around 100 of Telia’s mobile masts in Estonia by the end of 2024. Telia Estonia considers these solar installations as its most significant renewable energy initiative to date. The entire Telia Company group, including Telia Estonia, has set a goal to achieve net-zero emissions and 100 percent reuse and recycling of waste by 2030.

In 2023, 40 solar installations were completed next to Telia mobile masts, with three more added at the start of 2024. Telia Estonia is planning for further construction in 2024 and aims to activate almost all 100 solar installations by the end of the year. The combined production capacity of the solar installations will be 1,200 kW upon completion.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Telia is dedicated to achieving net zero emissions by 2040. The company aims to reduce emissions by 90 percent from the 2018 base year and offset the remaining emissions. By 2030, Telia commits to reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent compared to 2018 and offsetting the rest as it progresses towards net-zero.

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