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Telia and Norwegian People’s Aid Trial Portable Base Stations with LEO Connectivity

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In Short:

Telia Norway and Norwegian People’s Aid are working together to test portable mobile base stations for better coverage in areas with no signal for effective communication during search and rescue missions. The collaboration has been successful so far, with plans to offer this solution as a service for emergency situations and potential customers. The concept has proven to be essential in areas where regular mobile infrastructure fails.

Telia, Norwegian People’s Aid Test Portable Mobile Base Stations via LEO Connectivity
Telia Norway and Norwegian People’s Aid have joined hands to test portable mobile base stations that can expand cellular coverage to remote areas. This initiative aims to enhance communication for Norwegian People’s Aid crews during crucial search and rescue missions, as announced by Telia Norway today.

Ensuring Communication in Critical Situations

“The concept of lightweight, mobile base stations was initially developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces. However, we see its broader application, particularly in search and rescue operations where traditional mobile coverage may be inadequate,” explained Telia Norway.

Partnership for Enhanced Coverage

Norwegian People’s Aid highlighted the importance of this solution in their operations across diverse terrains, where standard emergency networks or mobile connectivity are often absent. They emphasized the crucial role these portable base stations play in ensuring effective communication during emergencies.

The humanitarian organization, active in over 30 countries, emphasized the agility of these stations in providing temporary mobile coverage when regular infrastructure fails.

Looking Ahead

Telia expressed satisfaction with the positive outcomes of the ongoing tests with Norwegian People’s Aid. The organizations have been collaborating on this project since last summer, with encouraging results.

“Furthermore, we see numerous applications for these portable base stations. We aim to introduce this concept as a part of our coverage services for various short- and long-term projects, and have received significant interest from potential clients,” stated Telia Norway.

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