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STL Enhances Collaboration with Vocus for Accelerated Network Deployment in Australia

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In Short:

STL has expanded its partnership with Vocus Group in Australia to develop optical fibre solutions for Vocus’ network. The partnership will involve increased usage of Micro cables and bend-resilient fibre to improve network quality. Vocus’ Chief Customer Officer praised STL’s expertise and sustainability focus. STL’s CEO highlighted the commitment to delivering high-speed connectivity in Australia through this collaboration.

STL Expands Partnership With Vocus to Enhance High-Speed Connectivity in Australia

STL Expands Partnership With Vocus to Enhance High-Speed Connectivity in Australia

Optical and digital solutions company STL (Sterlite Technologies) has announced the expansion of its partnership with Australia’s fibre specialist and network solutions provider, Vocus Group. The collaboration aims to enhance high-speed connectivity in Australia by developing tailored optical fibre solutions for Vocus.

Optical Fibre Solutions

Vocus owns and operates over 25,000 kms of fibre network designed for businesses and government use, connecting Australia globally. Over the past three years, STL has supplied more than 1000 kms of optical fibre cable to Vocus.

Increased Utilisation of Micro Cables

The expanded partnership will involve using STL’s ultra-slim profile Micro cables and Stellar fibre in Vocus‘ network. The bend-resilient fibre will improve network quality by reducing losses, increasing availability, and extending the network’s lifetime.

Matt Walsh, Chief Customer Officer at Vocus, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that STL’s expertise and commitment to sustainability align with Vocus‘ goals.

Paul Atkinson, CEO of Optical Networking Business at STL, emphasized the shared commitment with Vocus to deliver high-speed connectivity across Australia through tailored optical fibre solutions.

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