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STC Successfully Demonstrates 800G Live Network Trial for Long-Haul Communication

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In Short:

Saudi Arabia’s STC Group partnered with Huawei to conduct the first-ever 800G per channel trial in the MENA region, spanning over 1,000 km. This successful trial proves that the 800G solution is ready for deployment across Saudi Arabia, increasing data throughput, extending network distances, and reducing power and transport costs. STC aims to deliver up to 64 Tbps single fiber capacity to meet growing bandwidth demands while reducing power consumption by more than 50 percent.

Stc Completes Long-Haul 800G Live Network Trial
Saudi Arabia’s STC Group in collaboration with Huawei has successfully completed the MENA region’s inaugural long-haul 800G per channel trial within a live optical network. The achievement of this live network trial, spanning over 1,000 km from Riyadh to Makkah, affirms the readiness of the 800G solution for widespread deployment throughout Saudi Arabia, as stated in an official release by STC Group.

Advantages of 800G Technology

Following the trial, STC Group has indicated that its networks can now efficiently transport larger data throughput for each wavelength deployed, spanning longer distances without signal loss. This translates to reduced power and transport costs, while upholding efficiency standards across the infrastructure of STC Group.

“The high-performance 800G per channel optical module, equipped with a high baud bandwidth modulator and super 16QAM modulation featuring a Channel-Matched Shaping (CMS) 2.0 algorithm, successfully established a connection over 1,000 kilometers within a live Colorless-Directionless-Contentionless (CDC) network. This demonstrates the ability of STC systems to monitor and sustain intricate link environments in real-time, optimizing network transmission performance,” the company elaborated.

Capacity Increase

The 800G channel trial project represents a key aspect of STC’s initiative to amplify fiber capacity and enhance optical network efficiency, enabling the delivery of up to 64 Tbps single fiber capacity to cater to the escalating bandwidth requirements. Moreover, this advancement will lead to a reduction in per-bit power consumption by more than 50 percent in comparison to 100G channels.

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