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India places 14th in global ranking for fastest median 5G download speeds: Report

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In Short:

India ranks 14th globally in 5G network speeds, Jio and Airtel first to launch 5G in Oct 2022. India’s 5G download speed is 301.86 Mbps, 18 times faster than 4G. 5G availability improved from 28.1% to 52%. Jio’s 5G slightly better than Airtel’s, with lower video start times and latency. Jio’s Net Promoter Score increased by 41.2 points, Airtel’s by 27.6 points.

India Ranks 14th Globally for Fastest Median 5G Download Speeds

Ookla recently published a report detailing the performance of various countries in providing 5G networks. Despite the relatively recent introduction of 5G in India, the country has secured the 14th position globally for offering the fastest median 5G download speeds to consumers.

Introduction of 5G Networks by Jio and Airtel

Jio and Airtel were the first telcos in India to roll out 5G networks in October 2022. While Jio claims to have achieved nationwide coverage with 5G, Airtel aimed to complete network deployment by March 31, 2024. Both telcos are still working on densifying their infrastructure to ensure complete coverage across the country.

5G Median Download Speed in India

According to Ookla’s data, the median 5G download speed in India stands at 301.86 Mbps, which is significantly higher than the median 4G speeds. The country’s 5G availability has witnessed a notable increase of 23.9 percentage points within a year, rising from 28.1% in Q1 to 52% in Q4 of 2023.

Improved Video Experience and Network Performance

The 5G networks in India have shown enhanced video experience compared to 4G-LTE, with improvements in video start times and reduced buffering. Jio’s 5G network has performed slightly better than Airtel’s 5G in terms of video start times and mobile gaming median latency.

Jio witnessed a significant increase of 41.2 points in its 5G Net Promoter Score, while Airtel saw a rise of 27.6 points in the same metric.

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