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Report: Starlink on Track to Receive License for Service in India

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In Short:

Starlink, a popular satellite communications provider, is close to obtaining a license to serve customers in India after facing security challenges. The company, owned by Elon Musk, has submitted ownership details to the government. Musk is set to visit India in April to discuss setting up a Tesla manufacturing plant and potentially secure the Starlink license. Starlink faces competition from Eutelsat OneWeb and Jio Satellite Communications Limited in the Indian market.

Starlink Set to Receive License to Serve Customers in India

starlink could soon get license to serve

Starlink, a major satellite communications (satcom) service provider, is on track to obtain a license to offer its services to customers in India. The process was delayed due to security concerns, but as per a report by ET, Starlink’s license application is currently being reviewed and is expected to be approved once the security aspects are addressed.

Ownership Details Provided

The company has also disclosed its ownership details to the Indian government, as part of the regulatory requirements. India is cautious about allowing satcom companies with investors from neighboring countries to commercially serve and store data of Indian customers.

Elon Musk’s Visit to India

Elon Musk, the owner of Starlink, is scheduled to visit India on April 21. During his visit, he is expected to engage with the government and other stakeholders to discuss setting up a Tesla manufacturing plant in the country. If discussions progress positively, Starlink could also secure its license to operate in India. Starlink currently provides services in various parts of the world.

Competition and Challenges

Starlink faces competition from companies like Eutelsat, OneWeb, and Jio Satellite Communications Limited in India, all vying to offer satellite broadband services. While OneWeb and Jio initially target enterprise customers, once the satellite spectrum is available from the government, they will also enter the commercial market. Regulatory compliance remains a significant challenge for Starlink in operating across different countries with varying rules and regulations.

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