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Report: India Exporting Native Telecom Equipment to 70 Countries

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In Short:

Indian companies like Tejas Networks, HFCL, and Reliance Jio are exporting locally made telecom equipment to over 70 countries. With a 35% increase in exports, India is improving in quality and pushing for local manufacturing through PLI schemes. BSNL is using indigenous 4G equipment, and efforts are underway to develop indigenous 5G technology for national deployment. India aims to become a major exporter of telecom gear globally.

India Exporting Indigenous Telecom Gear to Over 70 Countries

India is making significant strides in the telecom industry by exporting locally developed and manufactured telecom gear to more than 70 countries worldwide. Companies such as Tejas Networks, HFCL, C-DoT, and others are actively involved in producing telecom equipment within the country. Notably, Reliance Jio has also created its own range of RAN and core equipment for both 5G and 4G networks.

Boost in Exports and Quality

Addressing a conference organized by the Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC), Madhu Arora from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) highlighted the surge in India’s telecom equipment exports by 35%. He mentioned that Indian manufacturers are now competing on par with global peers in terms of quality.

Promotion of Local Production

With over 80% of the 4,50,000 BTS deployed by Indian Telecom service providers being indigenous, the government’s PLI schemes have played a significant role in encouraging local manufacturing and design of telecom equipment. This has attracted major MNCs and Indian companies to ramp up their production capabilities within the country.

Indigenous Technology for 5G

BSNL is set to launch 4G in India using locally produced equipment, and plans are underway to develop indigenous 5G technology for nationwide deployment. This move is part of the efforts to bolster India’s position in the global telecom market and drive local innovation.

Potential for Growth

While India is still in the early stages of telecom equipment manufacturing, there is significant potential for growth in the industry. With an emphasis on local production and innovation, India is poised to emerge as a key player in exporting telecom gear to the global market in the coming years.

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