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Reliance Jio’s Mathew Oommen: Energizing the Telecom Industry

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In Short:

Reliance Jio’s President, Mathew Oommen, urges Indian regulators to ensure telecom operators have enough spectrum for mobile services, as they work with the least amount of airwaves per subscriber globally. COAI supports the demand for additional spectrum for 5G and future services. Oommen emphasizes the importance of telecom infrastructure protection and collaboration for sustainable growth. He highlights the DoT’s Sangam Digital Twin initiative for creating a secure digital infrastructure.

India Urged to Expedite Spectrum Pipeline for Telecom Operators

Reliance Jio executive, Mathew Oommen, has called on regulatory officials and policymakers in India to ensure that each telecom operator has enough spectrum to provide mobile services efficiently. He highlighted that Indian operators currently have the least amount of spectrum per subscriber compared to global standards, especially in sub-gigahertz (GHz) spectrum.

COAI’s Demand for Additional Spectrum

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), representing major telcos like Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea, has been advocating for more spectrum to enable seamless deployment of 5G services and prepare for 6G in the future.

Key Points from ETTelecom 5G | 6G Congress

Oommen shared insights at the ETTelecom 5G | 6G Congress 2024, where he mentioned Jio‘s significant strides in deploying over 1.1 million 5G cells and serving more than 100 million 5G customers. He emphasized the importance of creating a robust digital infrastructure for inclusive growth and innovation in the telecom sector.

Protecting Telecom Infrastructure

Oommen stressed the critical role of telecom infrastructure in driving the new economy and urged policymakers to ensure the safety and security of these assets. He highlighted initiatives like the DoT’s Sangam Digital Twin project to enhance the reliability and resilience of India’s telecom and digital infrastructure.

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