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Reliance Jio appoints Sidharth Kedia as SVP & Head of JioGames

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In Short:

Reliance Jio’s gaming division, JioGames, has appointed Sidharth Kedia as Senior Vice President to expand the business. Kedia, a former CEO of Nodwin Gaming, expressed excitement to build a gaming giant for India. Jio’s partnership with Gamestream will enhance its cloud gaming platform, JioGamesCloud, providing a wide range of games accessible across devices without downloading them. The move aims to capitalize on the increasing demand for online gaming in India.

Reliance Jio’s Gaming Vertical, JioGames, Appoints Sidharth Kedia to Lead Expansion

Reliance Jio’s gaming division, JioGames, has brought in Sidharth Kedia, former CEO of Nodwin Gaming, to lead its expansion efforts. Kedia expressed excitement about the opportunity, stating that he looks forward to scaling JioGames and creating a leading gaming platform in India.

Serving as Senior Vice President & Head of JioGames since June, Kedia highlighted the impact of Reliance Jio’s influence on digital businesses over the past decade. He mentioned the company’s partnership with Gamestream, a French cloud gaming services firm, as a strategic move to enhance JioGames’ platform.

JioGamesCloud, the cloud gaming platform offered by Jio, features a wide range of games catering to different genres and age groups. Cloud gaming enables users to play games across various devices without the need for local downloads.

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