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Balanced administrative fees vital for satcom regulation and user interest, says Intelsat’s Gaurav Kharod.

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In Short:

American Intelsat executive Gaurav Kharod says the government should balance valuing satellite spectrum to protect sector regulation and end-user interests. Intelsat, being acquired by SES for $3 billion, sees synergy in India market. Both companies bring different capabilities. Kharod discusses the acquisition, regulatory challenges, investments in India, and talent demand. He also clarifies C-band 5G spectrum interference issue in India. Talent supply in satcom industry is not a major challenge.

Intelsat Executive Discusses Acquisition by SES and Synergies for India

Image Source: ET

The government should strive for a balanced valuation in administratively allocating satellite spectrum, ensuring sector regulation and end-user interests, as highlighted by Gaurav Kharod, Asia Pacific Head of Intelsat. Intelsat’s acquisition by SES in a $3-billion deal will bring synergies to India and global markets. The combined entity will offer multi-orbit, multi-band managed services solutions. The completion is expected by 2025 with no regulatory hurdles in India.

Rationale for Acquisition and Market Potential

The acquisition aligns with strategic changes in the industry, providing complementary services. Intelsat’s focus on high-throughput satellites for diverse sectors complements SES’s offerings. There is minimal overlap in services in India, benefiting both companies through a combined entity.

Market Consolidation Trends

The satellite communications market is evolving rapidly, prompting mergers for competitive solutions. Intelsat aims to lead this transformation, leveraging partnerships like OneWeb for multi-orbit solutions.

Key Partnerships in India

In India, Intelsat partners with Nelco and Cloudcast Digital Limited for network and maritime services. These partnerships serve various clients, including BSNL and Reliance Jio.

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