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Qualcomm invests in wireless solutions and 5G edge AI for new use cases

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In Short:

Qualcomm is investing in AI, advanced antenna features, and 5G-driven edge computing to help telecom operators in India serve new use cases on the fifth-generation cellular networks. Indian telecom operators are looking at trialing millimeter-wave band for high-bandwidth applications like 5G fixed wireless access. Qualcomm is working with Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea for 5G services in India, focusing on backup connectivity solutions for SMBs and industrial complexes.

Qualcomm Investing in AI, Advanced Antenna Features for 5G

US-based Qualcomm is making strategic investments in artificial intelligence (AI), advanced antenna features for sub-6GHz, and 5G-driven edge computing. These investments are aimed at enabling telecom operators to cater to emerging use cases and applications on fifth-generation cellular networks.

Advancements in Modems and Antenna Features

Gautam Sheoran, VP & GM of Wireless Broadband & Communications at Qualcomm Inc., highlighted the company’s focus on developing advanced modems with AI capabilities to enhance performance. Additionally, Qualcomm is working on features like eight receive antennas for sub-6 gigahertz bands to address increasing data needs in markets like India.

Exploring Edge AI and Millimeter-wave Technology

Qualcomm is also exploring edge AI applications for enterprises to process data locally instead of sending it to the cloud. Sheoran mentioned that while Indian operators are primarily focused on sub-6GHz networks, there is interest in trialing millimeter-wave (mmWave) bands for specific use cases.

5G Spectrum Acquisition in India

Leading Indian telecom players, including Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea, have acquired spectrum across different bands in the country’s recent 5G auction. The 26GHz band, in particular, offers higher throughput for bandwidth-intensive applications like 5G fixed wireless access, connected vehicles, and extended reality.

5G Use Cases and Impact

While 5G networks promise significant economic benefits for consumers and enterprises, the emergence of major use cases beyond fixed wireless access is still in progress. Qualcomm sees potential in leveraging 5G as a backup connectivity solution for small and medium businesses in India and beyond.

Focus on India’s Development in 5G

India holds strategic importance for Qualcomm, with a focus on enabling 5G fixed wireless access in partnership with local telecom players like Jio and Airtel. The company sees significant opportunities for 5G deployment in various sectors, including industrial complexes and bank branches.

By prioritizing AI, antenna technology, and edge computing, Qualcomm aims to stay at the forefront of enabling 5G innovations and expanding connectivity options for businesses and consumers in the evolving telecom landscape.

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