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Orange Poland to increase network coverage with new base stations in Q1

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In Short:

Orange Poland has enhanced its network infrastructure by adding 38 new base stations in Q1 of 2024, improving coverage and network capacity for users. New stations are already benefiting major cities and smaller towns, ensuring reliable mobile services. Additionally, Orange Polska has expanded its 5G network, with 21 base stations offering 5G signals using DSS technology. The 5G network now covers nearly 24 million users across 811 cities and 35,238 towns.

Orange Poland Expands Network With New Base Stations in Q1

Orange Poland Expands Network With New Base Stations in Q1

Orange Poland (Polska) has bolstered its network infrastructure with the deployment and launch of 38 new base stations in the first quarter (Q1) of this year. The addition of these stations aims to enhance coverage and increase network capacity, ultimately improving the quality of service for Orange Poland users.

Enhanced Coverage and Capacity

“New stations are already improving coverage and increasing network capacity. This translates into better quality of service and higher comfort of using the network,” Orange Poland said in a blog post on Thursday.

New base stations have been deployed not only in major cities like Krakow, Warsaw, and Poznan but also in smaller towns such as Pietrzykowo in Kashubia, Gory, and border towns such as Goldap, Wolczkowo, Stulno, and Scinawka Dolna, ensuring widespread access to reliable mobile services. Orange reported that at the end of March 2024, it had a total of 12,376 transmitters.

5G Advancements

Orange Polska said all new base stations transmit LTE network signals in different configurations to meet the specific needs of local networks. Additionally, 21 of the base stations provide 5G signals using DSS technology, while two stations in Poznan and Raszyn offer 5G in the C-band.

According to the Orange Poland website, the Orange 5G Network covers nearly 24 million users, with the 5G network now available in 811 cities and 35,238 towns. As reported by TelecomTalk, since 2024, Orange has been providing 5G services in the C-band (3600 MHz) band post acquiring the spectrum in the auction.

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