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OPPO solves Indian consumers’ mobile network issues

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In Short:

OPPO has introduced a new technology called LinkBoost in its F25 Pro 5G and Reno11 series smartphones to improve mobile network experience. LinkBoost tackles issues like weak signals by enhancing signal transmission power and reception capabilities. The technology uses a 360-degree surround antenna design and optimizes frequency bands for better connectivity. Tests have shown up to 80% improvement in WhatsApp video call recovery and 24.6% fewer call drops in weak signal areas.

oppo finds solution for indian consumers facing

OPPO, a Chinese smartphone maker, has introduced a new technology called LinkBoost to enhance the mobile network experience for Indian consumers. This technology is currently available in the Reno11 series and the F25 Pro 5G smartphone models, aiming to address issues related to weak network signals and ensure smooth and stable connections.

Many Indian consumers often encounter network problems such as call drops and poor reception. In response to this, OPPO conducted a survey and identified issues stemming from inadequate network infrastructure, widespread weak signals, and numerous abnormal network cells. The development of LinkBoost was initiated to combat these challenges.

Understanding OPPO LinkBoost and Its Functionality

According to OPPO, the F25 Pro 5G offers up to 100% faster transmission power and 58.5% stronger reception through its LinkBoost technology. Similarly, the Reno11 series provides up to 73% faster transmission power and 17% stronger reception compared to devices without LinkBoost.

The LinkBoost technology utilizes a 360-degree surround antenna design and optimizes cellular frequency bands to enhance signal transmission power and reception capabilities. It can intelligently detect when a user enters an elevator and swiftly switch to the most reliable network cell for maintaining a stable connection.

Furthermore, this technology enhances antenna radiation efficiency and optimizes signal strength using intelligent antenna tuning technology. As a result, consumers can expect a significantly improved mobile network experience with smartphones equipped with LinkBoost compared to devices without this technology, even if they are powered by the same chipset.

During testing, OPPO observed notable improvements in scenarios such as WhatsApp video call recovery in weak signal areas, with enhancements of up to 80% compared to devices with the same chipset. Additionally, there were up to 24.6% fewer call drops in challenging signal environments like basements and underground garages when using devices incorporating LinkBoost.

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