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Ooredoo Group and E& partner to launch Gulf Gateway Cable

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In Short:

Ooredoo Group and E& have partnered to launch Gulf Gateway Cable (GGC1), a subsea technology system that enhances international connectivity and reliability. The system significantly increases network capacity, offering high-capacity services up to 28 Tbps with cost and power efficiency. Both companies aim to meet growing bandwidth demands and enhance network resilience, solidifying their positions as leaders in the telecom industry.

Ooredoo Group and E& Launch Gulf Gateway Cable
Ooredoo Group and E& have collaborated to deploy subsea technology, launching the Gulf Gateway Cable (GGC1) system. This new system aims to improve latency, enhance international connectivity, and ensure high reliability by connecting Data Centres in Abu Dhabi and Doha.

Network Capacity Expansion

The deployment of GGC1 significantly increases the existing network capacity, allowing Ooredoo and E& to provide high-capacity services up to 28 Tbps with optimal cost and power efficiency per bit. This development enables cost-effective scaling to meet growing bandwidth demands and enhance network resilience.

Ooredoo stated, “With GGC1, our customers will benefit from improved international connectivity and reliability, solidifying our position as a leader in the telecom and infrastructure industry.”

E& commented, “This investment enhances our submarine and terrestrial networks connecting UAE to Qatar, providing the necessary capacity while saving space and power. With this future-proof technology, E& and Ooredoo are well-prepared to continue as key players in the global wholesale market, expanding our infrastructure to connect regions and continents and deliver a unique, high-performance, and robust solution to our customers.”

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