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Nokia and Vodafone collaborate on L4S technology for enhanced video calls and gaming experience

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In Short:

Nokia and Vodafone are working together to test a new technology called L4S over PON networks. This technology promises to improve internet activities like video conferencing and gaming by reducing latency. The tests showed low and consistent latencies across the network. L4S can be applied to any access technology and can enhance real-time applications. Vodafone aims to provide faster and more reliable internet service with L4S technology.

Nokia and Vodafone Collaborate to Test L4S Technology

Finnish telecom gear maker Nokia and Britain’s Vodafone Group Plc have joined forces to evaluate the effectiveness of L4S (low-latency, low-loss, and scalable) technology over passive optical networks (PON). This technology has the potential to enhance the internet experience for consumers in activities like video conferencing and gaming.

Successful Demonstration

Nokia’s research arm, Nokia Bell Labs, and Vodafone’s Fixed Access Center of Excellence recently conducted a successful demonstration of L4S running over PON in Vodafone’s lab in Newbury, UK, marking a significant achievement in the field.

The demonstration utilized a fixed access network built with Nokia technology, including a broadband network gateway, a PON optical line terminal, multiple PON optical network terminals, and WiFi access points. The test results exhibited extremely low and consistent end-to-end latencies across the network.

Future Application

Although the tests were conducted using PON networks, L4S technology is versatile and can be implemented across various access technologies, both wireless and wireline. It can also be applied to any latency-dependent applications.

Azimeh Sefidcon, Head of Network Systems and Security Research at Bell Labs, Nokia, highlighted the potential of L4S technology in providing seamless operation for real-time applications such as video conferencing, cloud gaming, and augmented reality, without delays.

Gavin Young, Head of Fixed Access Centre of Excellence at Vodafone, expressed optimism about the technology’s ability to deliver a faster, more responsive, and reliable service to customers, even during peak usage periods. L4S has the potential to create a more interactive and engaging internet experience for users.

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