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Melita introduces eSIM and eco-friendly Green SIM cards in Malta

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In Short:

Maltese operator Melita has introduced eSIMs to its customers, allowing them to activate mobile plans directly on their smartphones. This provides seamless connectivity and enhances environmental sustainability. eSIMs streamline user experience, increase security by removing risks of theft and cloning, and are more sustainable than physical SIM cards. Melita also launched green SIM cards made from degradable ABS material for non-eSIM compatible phones.

Melita Launches eSIM in Malta for Secure and Sustainable Connectivity
Maltese operator Melita has introduced embedded SIM (eSIM) services for its customers, aiming to enhance connectivity and environmental sustainability. Customers can now activate mobile plans directly on their smartphones without physical SIM cards, as announced by Melita on Tuesday.

Melita eSIM

The eSIMs offered by Melita streamline user experience, enabling multiple numbers on a single phone. They also enhance security by eliminating SIM card theft and cloning risks, while promoting sustainability by reducing the need for physical SIM cards.

Melita Green SIM Card

For customers without eSIM-compatible phones, Melita has launched Physical SIM cards made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), a degradable material that burns cleanly when recycled. These green SIM cards offer reliability and functionality, while minimizing pollution compared to traditional PVC cards.

Melita emphasizes that the introduction of eSIMs and Green SIM cards align with their commitment to sustainable practices. They stated, “Offering eSIM options and introducing physical SIM cards made of ABS are small but important actions that support our goal of embracing sustainable practices across our operations.”

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