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MeitY secretary aims to prevent harm in AI while encouraging innovation, as per ET Telecom

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In Short:

The Ministry of Electronics & IT is focusing on boosting the domestic semiconductor industry and responsible use of AI. The secretary S Krishnan talks about the semiconductor ecosystem, fab units, ATMP segment, talent pool challenge, and mobile phone manufacturing. The government aims to increase the value addition in mobile phone manufacturing from 15-18% to 35-40%. Strategies include setting up more fabs, training skilled workforce, and developing a semiconductor laboratory. Addressing challenges like deepfakes, quantum computing, and AI regulations are also key priorities. The focus is on balancing innovation with user safety and ensuring responsible use of AI technology.

Boosting India’s Semiconductor Industry: A Deep Dive with MeitY Secretary, S Krishnan

The Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) has been on the fast track to enhance India’s semiconductor industry and promote responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI). In an exclusive chat with ETTelecom’s Muntazir Abbas, MeitY secretary, S Krishnan, sheds light on various initiatives and the road ahead in the semiconductor ecosystem.

Designing the Future in India

When it comes to semiconductor design, India has a strong human resource base. International giants like Qualcomm and Broadcom have set up shop in the country, tapping into the local talent pool. The aim now is to encourage Indian companies to develop their own products and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.

Fabrication Units on the Horizon

The Tata fab is set to kickstart the fabrication journey in India, but the government is eyeing 2-3 more fabs in the near future. Securing funding for these capital-intensive projects is crucial, and ongoing efforts are being made to support the fab industry.

Gearing Up for Manufacturing

As the ATMP segment gains traction, plants like Micron and O-SAT are sprouting up in India. The focus is on diversifying chip production for various industries like automobiles and power, paving the way for a robust semiconductor ecosystem.

Nurturing Talent for the Future

To address the talent gap in semiconductor manufacturing, India is investing in training programs and cleanroom facilities. Partnerships between educational institutions and industry players are being forged to create a skilled workforce for the sector.

Charting the Course Ahead

While advancements like 2-nanometer chips are on the horizon, India is currently focused on 28-nanometer technology. The goal is to boost electronic manufacturing to $300 billion in the next 4-5 years and increase the value addition in mobile phone manufacturing to 35-40%.

Tackling Deepfakes and AI Regulation

Addressing concerns around deepfakes, MeitY has issued advisories to promote responsible AI usage. Regulations are being crafted to ensure transparency and prevent misuse of AI technologies. Balancing innovation and user protection remains a key priority for the regulatory framework.

As the journey towards a robust semiconductor ecosystem unfolds, India is poised to carve a niche for itself in the global tech landscape under the strategic leadership of MeitY.

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