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Manjummel Boys redefine southern films with homegrown success

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In Short:

Southern movies like Baahubali, KGF, and RRR have become popular across India, leading to the success of movies like Malayalam’s Manjummel Boys, the first to cross ₹200 crore box office mark without dubbing. Southern filmmakers are focusing on niche content for local audiences, as not all south Indian stars have the same draw in northern markets. Maintaining strong regional bases and exploring OTT platforms is crucial for success in the southern film industry.

The Rise of Regional Cinema in Southern India

In a world dominated by Bollywood blockbusters, the audiences in India are now shifting their focus towards regional cinema. Movies like Baahubali, KGF, Kantara, and RRR set a trend where people are embracing southern movies despite the evident lipsyncing mismatches due to dubbing.

Manjummel Boys: A Game Changer

The Malayalam movie Manjummel Boys, released in February, broke new ground by not being dubbed in any other language but still managed to captivate audiences in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It became the first Malayalam film to cross the 200-crore mark, setting a new milestone for the industry.

This low-budget thriller, revolving around a group of boys attempting to rescue their friend from a cave in Kodaikanal, has now become the highest-grossing movie in Malayalam cinema. Surpassing the 40 crore mark, it has outshined even the popular film 2018, which showcased the devastating floods in Kerala and grossed over 175 crore.

Unveiling New Opportunities

While blockbusters like Baahubali and RRR have expanded the audience for southern cinema, movies like Manjummel Boys and 2018 stand out for achieving massive success without relying on star power. Other films like Mammootty’s Bramayugam, Premalu, and Tillu Square are also making waves with their unique storytelling and modest budgets.

Capturing Hearts at Home

Southern filmmakers are now focused on enhancing the appeal of their movies within their region, emphasizing the importance of preserving the cultural nuances and language of their stories. While big-budget action films like Kantara and KGF may transcend linguistic boundaries, niche films like Manjummel Boys cater to a specific audience that resonates with the local flavors.

Industry experts believe that not all movies need a multi-lingual release and that maintaining a strong presence in the home market can lead to more sustainable success. The unique charm and authenticity of regional cinema are proving to be a winning formula, drawing audiences without compromising on their roots.

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