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Lava ProWatch ZN Review: A Missed Opportunity

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In Short:

Lava recently launched its first smartwatch, ProWatch ZN, in India targeting the growing market. The design of the watch is sleek with two strap options – silicon and metal. The display is decent for the price range, and the performance, including battery life and connectivity, is impressive. The watch faces and workout mode may need improvement. The ProSpot app is user-friendly. Priced affordably at Rs 2599-2999, it is recommended for style and basic features.

Lava Launches First Smartwatch in India – Lava ProWatch ZN

A few days ago, Lava introduced its debut smartwatch in India, named Lava ProWatch ZN. This decision aligns with the company’s strategic move to tap into the growing smartwatch market in the country. Priced affordably, the question remains – can Lava dominate this category after facing challenges in the smartphone industry?

Lava ProWatch ZN Review: Design

Lava ProWatch ZN sports an attractive design with two strap options – silicone and metal within a budget-friendly range. The lightweight body and comfortable feel make it a notable choice. The dual-dial setup, though not my preference for simplicity, serves functionality well. Overall, the design receives a rating of 9/10.

Lava ProWatch ZN Review: Display

The display of Lava ProWatch ZN offers decent quality for its price range, featuring a 1.43-inch round display with respectable brightness levels. While the touch response is smooth, the preloaded watch faces might require improvement. Considering this, the display earns a rating of 7/10.

Lava ProWatch ZN Review: Performance

Connectivity with smartphones is seamless, and the battery life remains commendable. However, the workout mode’s accuracy for activities like running falls short, affecting the overall performance rating of 7/10. Additional features like gaming, music control, and health tracking enhance the watch’s utility.

Lava ProWatch ZN Review: App

The ProSpot app enhances the smartwatch experience by providing activity tracking, firmware updates, and customization options. It earns a simple yet effective rating of 9/10 for user-friendliness.

Lava ProWatch ZN Review: Price and Conclusion

The Lava ProWatch ZN, priced at Rs 2599 for the silicone strap and Rs 2999 for the metal strap, offers style and features at an attractive price point. While accuracy in tracking activities may require improvement, the overall recommendation stands positive for users seeking a stylish smartwatch with essential functionalities.

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