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Jio surpasses Airtel in March user adds; Vodafone Idea loses ground: Trai

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In Short:

Reliance Jio beats Airtel and Vi in new subscriber additions in March 2024 according to Trai data. Jio now world’s largest mobile operator in data traffic consumption, surpassing China Mobile. Airtel records highest percentage of active users. Jio widens wireless customer market share. Jio adds more wireline users than Airtel. India’s mobile user base rises by 0.80% to 924.07 million. Jio continues to dominate telecom subscriptions.

Reliance Jio Leads in Net Subscriber Additions in March

In the month of March 2024, Reliance Jio, a leading telecom company, outperformed its competitors Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea (Vi) in net subscriber additions, as per data from the telecom regulator.

Key Highlights:

Reliance Jio added 2.14 million users, followed by Airtel with 1.75 million additions. Vi, on the other hand, experienced a loss of 684,530 users in March. Reliance Jio has also become the world’s largest mobile operator in data traffic consumption, surpassing China Mobile.

Jio’s total traffic has reached 40.9 Exabytes compared to China Mobile’s 38 Exabytes during the January-March quarter. The company also holds the second-largest 5G subscriber base globally at 108 million, with over 28% of its wireless data traffic consumed by 5G users.

Airtel recorded the highest percentage of active subscribers at 99.91%. Airtel’s active user base reached 385.41 million in December, while Jio’s increased to 430.36 million. Vi’s active user base shrank to 193.27 million, as per Trai data.

Jio widened its wireless customer market share to 40.30%, while Airtel’s rose to 33.10% and Vi’s narrowed to 18.86%. In both wireline and wireless categories, Jio holds half of all telecom subscriptions.

Overall, India’s mobile user base grew by 0.80% to 924.07 million by the end of March. In the landline segment, Jio also consolidated its market leadership by adding double the number of users compared to Airtel.

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